Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil


1. Before you use…

Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil is mostly recommended for dry, damaged, colour-treated and long hair. Its main task is to moisturise, regenerate and strengthen. It comes in a 15 ml capacity bottle without any applicator attached. The packaging is secured with only a plastic cover and a cap.

The cosmetic is widely available; you can purchase it in drugstores, small cosmetic shops or even in discount stores.

2. Ingredients.

Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil contains oil of passion fruit – an exotic fruit that grows in South America. This plant is rich in omega- 6 fatty acids and vitamins A, K and E. It is perfect in the care of facial skin, body, hair and nails. What is interesting, in Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil you will not find any alcohols or other substances that can dry your strands. On the contrary, this cosmetic consists of proteins and silicones that provides nourishing and protecting properties.

3. Effects and properties.

Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil has moisturising and nourishing properties. It regenerates split ends, smooths wisps and makes them glossy. The cosmetic also facilitates styling. Thanks to the content of vitamins and other active ingredients, it improves the overall condition and appearance of hair. Additionally, it smells great and can be a less expensive replacement for high end products of the same effects and properties.

4. Application.

Unfortunately, Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil has not been equipped with any kind of applicator. Therefore, while using it, be careful not to spill too much of the product. Use it before and after shampooing to dry or damp hair. Make sure to rub it from the mid-length downwards and focus on the hair ends. The packaging is very small, which is why you will have to re-purchase it every two months.

5. Consistency, efficiency and scent.

Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil has a very nice scent. You are able to sense the exotic aroma of passion fruit. However, it is not an efficient product – one bottle contains only a few ml. It has a delicate formula that does not leave any heavy layer on the surface of hair.

What you like Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil for?

  • moisturises, regenerates and strengthens
  • contains exotic fruit of passionflower
  • very nice scent
  • lightweight consistency that does not weigh hair down
  • widely available

Why you do not like Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Maracuja Oil?

  • bottle without an atomiser/applicator
  • not very efficient
  • the effects last shorty
  • small capacity forces to buy another bottle every two months
  • with frequent purchases the price increases.