Isana Professional Haare Oil Care


1. Before you use…

Isana Professional Haare Oil Care is recommended for the care of dry hair with split ends. The cosmetic smooths strands and prevents any further damages. It comes in a bottle of 200 ml of the product. The packaging is equipped with an easy to use pump.

Oil can be purchased in any drugstore or beauty and hair supply stores.

2. Ingredients.

The main ingredients of Isana Professional Haare Oil Care are argan oil, shea butter. Argan oil contains natural antioxidants, it has regenerating and nourishing properties. Shea butter has strong moisturising properties and is recommended for the cafe of low porosity hair, not dry with split ends. If you use the product incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good.

3. Effects and properties.

Isana Professional Haare Oil Care regenerates and moisturises hair ends and prevents their further damages. It provides gloss and smoothness. Additionally, the product protects hair tips during blow-drying, straightening and curling. If you use it regularly, frequent hairstyling treatments will not be a threat to your strands. Moreover, the product can make scalp and wisps greasy, therefore, it is better not to use it all over. Unfortunately, Isana Professional Haare Oil Care does not improve the overall scalp condition and it does not provide deep nourishment but only an immediate, temporary protection.

4. Application

The use of Isana Professional Haare Oil Care is really easy. The bottle is equipped with a pump. The product should be applied in small amounts – too much of the cosmetic can make hair greasy, The producer recommends to use it all over the entire length of hair and hair ends. Store it in a shaded place to protect it form direct sunlight. What is more, there is no need to worry if you see residue on the bottom of the bottle. It is a completely normal occurrence connected with the content of oils.

5. Consistency, efficiency and scent.

Isana Professional Haare Oil Care is enough for over a year of treatment. It has semi-liquid consistency which is easy to distribute all over hair. Unfortunately, its unpleasant scent can discourage some users.

What you like Isana Professional Haare Oil Care for?

  • it protects hair ends
  • it contains argan oil and shea butter
  • it has easy application
  • it is efficient

Why you do not like Isana Professional Haare Oil Care?

  • it can make scalp and hair greasy
  • unpleasant scent
  • works temporarily
  • does not provide complex care
  • if not properly stored (protected from broad sunlight) can loose its valuable properties