How to Care for Curly Hair? Top Tips for Big Bouncy Curls

Defining the natural curl may be tricky at times. Curls need special care. This type usually looks dull, lacks the gloss and is the most prone to damage. How to keep the curls big, bouncy and healthy?


How to wash curls and what to use?

Above all else, don’t weigh your hair down. If you use silicone-laden products every single day, stop. Now. They only spark the frizz. Instead, use lightweight shampoos that don’t overburden the tresses.

Curls lose hydration fast. The cuticles of the curly hair raise so it’s easier to cause damage. Mild shampoos improve the condition of hair. There’s a good way to seal the cuticles: rinse the hair using cool water and avoid tugging. Don’t wear a tight towel turban.

Use conditioners and a wide-tooth comb to brush the hair. Don’t forget to use a nourishing mask at least twice a week. When you scrunch a product into the hair, you easily enhance the natural curl. If you blow-dry, use a diffuser dryer. Using a cool airflow is a great idea for preventing the frizzy flyaways.

Oil treatment for curly hair

This therapy works wonders if you strive for lovely, shiny curls. You can do it on wet or dry strands. Before massaging an oil into wet hair, rinse it with warm water. If you decide to apply it on dry hair, distribute the oil evenly, put on a shower cap and wash the oil out after thirty minutes. The procedure is similar in both versions.


Curly hair surely needs a professional. Unfortunately few hairstylists know that curls should be cut when they’re dry because you can easily cut off too much. There aren’t many pros who handle curls. Try to find a curly-hair expert who specializes in this type and knows how to prevent frizz and breakage. A capable hairdresser will tell you what’s best for your hair.

Curly hair care

Use intensively-strengthening and nourishing masks. Choose products that rebuild the structure of hair because curly hair is usually highly porous. Make sure your products are rich in proteins.

A deeply-clarifying scalp scrub improves the blood flow and banishes the silicone buildup. The hair consequently gains volume and has lifted roots.

You can make use of a curl-defining gel which doesn’t weigh the hair down and brings out the natural curl. You can also prepare a flax seed gel; it’s easy to make and you’ll be surprised by the effects.

Hair serum. Ideally, choose one that is made up of natural ingredients and contains the right oils for highly-porous hair.

Silicones are popular in products for curls. Still, they have a negative effect on the hair. They do protect against the physical damage but they also weigh the strands down. That is why you should reach out for lightweight silicones that can evaporate from the hair surface.

How to care for curls? Extra tips

Never comb out dry hair! Ideally do it right after shampooing when hair’s still wet.

Use cool water for the final rinse to keep the cuticles sealed and smooth.

Make sure your comb has wide teeth. Use accessories that don’t irritate the scalp.

Get a diffuser and remember to use exclusively cool airflow not to dry out the hair.

Never tug the hair while towel-drying. Ideally, gently squeeze the water out of the hair.